Mount Mary University Digital Collections

How to Use This Site

Browsing and Searching the Digital Fashion Archive

To browse a designer's work or the wardrobe of a notable personality, see the list of exhibits to the left. Each exhibit begins with a brief biography followed by a gallery of items. Each item can be clicked into to see more information and to zoom in and use the 360° image controls.
To browse by other factors, or to search for items, click the Browse Items link at the top right of every page. Browsing by Tag allows users to select a particular "tag" (color, item type, material, etc.) and see a list of items with that feature. Searching Items offers the opportunity to search by keyword or, in the "Narrow by Specific Fields" section, to search for particular dates, identifiers (Object ID #s), etc.

Using the 360° Images

Each 360° image screen provides controls that allow you to examine garments in fine detail. 
play Icon 1000022Click play to start the garment rotation.
stop Icon 1055578The square stops the rotation.
left Icon 2092764 arrow Icon 2094742 In still mode, the arrows rotate the image one turn at a time. You can also "grab" the image with the hand tool to rotate it.

zoom Icon 10820  The magnifying glass zooms in and out. Without a mouse, tap or click with your trackpad to grab the image, and use your fingers to zoom. (The image may take a moment to load after zooming.)

The full screen icon enlarges the image to fill the screen. The 360° controls move to the corners of the screen. NOTE: the full screen tool does not work on the initial garment page; click the "View 360 Image in New Window" link below the image to open it in a new window where this tool will work.
Contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions, using the form at the bottom of the Digital Fashion Archive homepage!