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  • A. Black wool twill worsted nun's habit; jewel neckline; shoulder yoke; large sleeves with turned-back cuffs; 2 black safety pin closure; 8 tucks into shoulder yoke; unfitted waist; ankle length. B. Black herringbone weave, possibly nylon, cinture belt; hook and eye closures in front under flap. C. Black cotton slip; scoop neckline; sleeveless; princess seams; right inseam pocket; knee length. D. White plain weave cotton forehead cover; rectangle; two pairs of ties on short ends. E. White starched cotton wimple; two connected rectangles; two ties; tied at top of head and pinned in back, making two horizontal pleats at neck across shoulders; should have vertical fold lines in front when worn. F. Black worsted wool veil; white starched linen underveil glued to front underside; connects with snaps at back underside; veil pinned at center front forehead to forehead cover. G. Nine straight pins with black or white heads; used to pin veil to forehead cover. H. White polyester knitted skullcap; worn under veil.

    This style of habit was worn by Sister M. Jovanna and all School Sisters of Notre Dame before 1964.
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